Back to Basics

In honor of Film Photography Day, one of the local photography studios, Hanlon-Fiske Studios, hosted a “Let’s Shoot Film” day. We dusted off our film cameras, loaded them up and ran around town shooting.  It was an amazing time, and brought back memories of loading film in the pitch black darkness, swirling chemicals under the red lights, and working alongside other photographers.  In this digital age we often sit in our office alone, staring at a computer, only to share our images via internet.  This brought a real sense of community back for me.

Here are some of my favorite images, portraits of my daughter and husband.  I’ll be posted a second batch of urban landscapes of Rochester.

Viva la Film!









Blogs about Blogs!

One of the things I love about my work is that I get to meet different people all the time.  Through my work at InStyle Weddings I had the opportunity to discover Amy Atlas.  She creates these amazing dessert tables for all variety of events.  We shot a beautiful fall orange table for the magazine, which was later dropped (such is the life in the editorial world), but I wanted to share these scrumptious images



After a couple of months passed I received an email from Amy asking if , by any chance, I was going to be in South Hampton that coming weekend and if I would be interested in photographing the table she was working on.  It so happens my in-laws live  30 minutes away and we were spending the weekend there.  I jumped at the chance to see another beautiful and delicious table.  I met her at a gated home where she was preparing a table for a poolside birthday party.  It was amazing, and to my surprise those images were featured in another blog…

Not only are these displays a joy to look at, they are delicious!  Amy gave me some samples in thanks for the photographs and my taste buds were happy.


My true love(s)

My photography has taken a right turn from still life to portraiture.  It is refreshing to have a subject that is interactive after spending the past 12 years with inanimate objects.  The challenge with this shift is learning how to be a director as well as a photographer, although I am really enjoying it and finding it extremely rewarding.  This is an image of my husband after shoveling our driveway during our first big snowstorm of the year, which just happened to coincide with Rochester’s Winter Lakeside Festival.  It was a fun day to tromp around in the snow with my two loves (my husband and my camera)

Back on the horse

After neglecting this blog for several years, I decided that it’s time to resurrect it.  I took the 365 (or 366 for the leap year), challenge of taking one photograph on every day of the year.  The problem I’m encountering is that some days I will shoot a whole story and, needed a venue to display these images.  So here we are… back on the horse.  Today’s post is from the Valentine’s Day shoot I had with my one year old daughter.  A challenging yet rewarding shoot!

Tennille & Mike July 11, 2010

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July 11, 2010 – I watched my good friend Tennille marry what appears to be  the man of her dreams.  I was honored from the very beginning when they asked me to be their photographer for the day.  These two are such fun, loving people and you can see from the moment they are together that they are a perfect match.  Enjoy some of my favorite picks from this beautiful day!

Great Minds think alike…

Recently, I got an email from a stylist I work with regularly, telling me to check out the new Oprah Magazine issue.  As I flipped through the pages I came across a very familiar scene.  About a year ago I did testing with this stylist, Mai Tran, titled Beauty Tools.  This was one of my favorite projects to work on, but one shot didn’t quite fit in with the group, and ended up on the cutting room floor.  You could imagine my surprise when I opened up to this page and saw such a similar image staring back at me.  I guess this Guerlain compact gave us both the same inspiration in two different studios.

Beauty Tools

Bonobos Ad

Today became a day of photo re-organizing and I came across this Ad I did with RubberFish Art for Bonobos.

It was the first time I made images solely for the purpose of being pieced together.  I guess I’m a little old-fashioned when it comes to that, I’m still used to creating the entire image in camera.  It was a challenge to make my brain think a different way when shooting… but  the end product came out amazing! What a great opportunity to work with such talented people!

Thanks all!

Sarah Elizabeth Pheonix Singh

Here is the newest edition to our family.  My sister adopted her two weeks ago in Virginia after long process of paperwork and patience.  She is too cute for words and her big brother Michael loves her more than you can imagine.  Welcome Sarah!



Leaf Gallery

So I just saw that the Leaf Gallery has featured my “beauty tools”  project  in their latest newsletter.  It’s pretty exciting for me… check it out!

Picture 1

I do love my leaf back; I’ve had clients look at the screen when I’m shooting and be amazed at the details you can see like the texture in fabrics and scratches on metal that you can barely see with your eye.  I started my career just as digital was starting to replace film in the commercial world, it’s been amazing to watch the progression.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Memorial Day 2009

My husband and I went back to my birth-land of Rochester, NY for Memorial Day to visit my family, whom I wish were closer.  A 7 hour car ride and we arrive to fresh air, warm hugs, and energized kids.  I taught my niece how to hang from her knees on the monkey bars that day, which was all I wanted to do when I was her age.  And I learned that my older nephew was too cool to have his picture taken so I had to paparazzi him.  It’s nice to enjoy the simpler things in life…