May 11, 2009 – Oldies but Goodies

Sometimes when I shoot I don’t always love the results right away.  This happened a lot when I shot film.  I’d send the film in for development and would be so excited to see the prints, that when I got them back I was usually disappointed.  Maybe it’s like seeing a movie that’s been built up so much you end up not liking it, or maybe it’s the artist critic in me.  But usually I could put them away for a week and when I took them out again, I loved them!

So, I came across a shoot I did about a year ago.  I liked the images ok then, but now I’m really digging them.  Lilli Rubinstein, the stylist I worked with brought in these great doll house kitchen utensils.  We combined them with some jewelry pieces, and we created some interesting images.  I hope you like them… I’ll have to start digging through the archives again




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