My true love(s)

My photography has taken a right turn from still life to portraiture.  It is refreshing to have a subject that is interactive after spending the past 12 years with inanimate objects.  The challenge with this shift is learning how to be a director as well as a photographer, although I am really enjoying it and finding it extremely rewarding.  This is an image of my husband after shoveling our driveway during our first big snowstorm of the year, which just happened to coincide with Rochester’s Winter Lakeside Festival.  It was a fun day to tromp around in the snow with my two loves (my husband and my camera)


2 thoughts on “My true love(s)

  1. Your two loves – husband and camera. What about the doggy!? Looks like it’s a very lovely doggy, although I know how huskies can be real pain in the… bum. (Mine also has one blue and one brown eye.)

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