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One of the things I love about my work is that I get to meet different people all the time.  Through my work at InStyle Weddings I had the opportunity to discover Amy Atlas.  She creates these amazing dessert tables for all variety of events.  We shot a beautiful fall orange table for the magazine, which was later dropped (such is the life in the editorial world), but I wanted to share these scrumptious images



After a couple of months passed I received an email from Amy asking if , by any chance, I was going to be in South Hampton that coming weekend and if I would be interested in photographing the table she was working on.  It so happens my in-laws live  30 minutes away and we were spending the weekend there.  I jumped at the chance to see another beautiful and delicious table.  I met her at a gated home where she was preparing a table for a poolside birthday party.  It was amazing, and to my surprise those images were featured in another blog…

Not only are these displays a joy to look at, they are delicious!  Amy gave me some samples in thanks for the photographs and my taste buds were happy.



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