May 11, 2009 – Oldies but Goodies

Sometimes when I shoot I don’t always love the results right away.  This happened a lot when I shot film.  I’d send the film in for development and would be so excited to see the prints, that when I got them back I was usually disappointed.  Maybe it’s like seeing a movie that’s been built up so much you end up not liking it, or maybe it’s the artist critic in me.  But usually I could put them away for a week and when I took them out again, I loved them!

So, I came across a shoot I did about a year ago.  I liked the images ok then, but now I’m really digging them.  Lilli Rubinstein, the stylist I worked with brought in these great doll house kitchen utensils.  We combined them with some jewelry pieces, and we created some interesting images.  I hope you like them… I’ll have to start digging through the archives again




New Website

Hi all!  I’ve recently re-designed my website and added more recent work up there… check it out at


web-design by Justin Dickinson



Justin was a breeze to work with.

I’m always worried about annoying web designers because I will make a million changes; change my mind, add images, change the color scheme, etc.  

But Justin was great, he really knows his stuff and was extremely helpful with the decision making.  

Thanks Justin!


Spring ’09 InStyle Weddings

Celebrity Weddings seem to be all over the media these days.  Here is one of the new stories I worked on for InStyle Weddings for Spring, about how to get the same look as some of the more unique celebrity weddings.  Make an extra note of the dresses… hanging mannequins plus heavy wedding gowns = creative thinking!  Thanks to the amazing styling of Kate McCann, it turned out beautiful.






InStyle Weddings Winter ’08

Here are some stories I worked on with InStyle Weddings for Winter ’09.  Thought the text was appropriate after the grammies this week.


Invitation set by Elum Designs


Obama Inauguration 2009

A co-worker of mine wanted to run over to Times Square for the broadcasting of the inauguration to film some of the scene, since we were working only a couple blocks away.  I decided to tag along and help document this piece of american history.   The atmosphere was proud and hopeful.  Bleachers were set up with multiple screens set up for viewing and audio pumped through the square ” I Barack Hussein Obama, do solomnly swear…”  No matter what your political views, this is an historical moment, and we can’t deny just how far we’ve come as a country.

 I am proud to be an American.


photo of the week – 01.02.09

First post of the year!!!

For my first shoot of the New Year, I wanted to shoot something close to my heart.  Brutus is our boy, we got him with 7 or so broken ribs which should have been the first sign that he has energy that just won’t quit.  He’s mischievous and always plotting different ways to bite and annoy Natasha.  She’s our girly-girl.  With the pinkest nose and paws I’ve ever seen, she is nothing but a lady at all times.  They are so different in both appearance and in personality, I had to photograph them accordingly.  They are my own personal angel and devil.




Happy Holidays from Brooklyn!






photo of the week – 12.16.08

Jennifer & David







My friend Jennifer (a fellow photographer) recently got engaged and I was honored to be asked to photograph their engagement party in China Town.  

I was a little nervous to shoot for a photographer but after looking at the images I was really happy with the results.  They were both open to go just about anywhere to get some creative shots.  We went to the vegetable stand, the fish market, any place that represented the neighborhood, but it turned out that just the elevator to their apartment worked just as good.  

Great party, great locations, and a Great couple!

Photo(s) of the week – 12.9.08

Here are some pages from the Summer InStyle Weddings Issue I worked on…


InStyle Weddings Summer 2008

I’m back and ready to shoot!

I know I’ve been slacking on the photo updates… but with the New Year approaching I have decided to start my resolution early which is to shoot more and post more!  I’m always looking for new things to photograph so ideas are welcome.